The Wheatfield (Behind The Scenes)

Shooting and VFX Productions

The idea behind this image spot was to establish a joyful and epic identity for the cosmetic brand Lavylites. The plan was to create wide open natural environment and find a good balance between realistic and fantastic landscapes. We have always planned to change the far environment with digital matte paints and add some distortion waves to the live action wheat field. 

But since we were delayed with the shooting and the winter was upon us, there wasn’t any chance to find a nice wheat field in our region any more. So we decided to create the complete environment with the help of CGI. All we had was of a few prepared wheat fibers, the little girl and the huge blue screen in the studio. 

We had the chance to create detailed CGI animatics in advance, so we could plan all the actor and camera movements precisely before the shooting. This allowed us to be very effective on the set and we finished the work in one day. We did not use any camera motion control system, so we have done all the camera match moving manually. 

The wheat field is made of a procedural system, each fiber has its own identity and movement, and it was the biggest task to manage through the process. 

We prepared several digital matte paint background environments until we have found the right balance between the fantastic wishes of the client and our realistic vision.