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GYÁR , which translates to 'factory' in Hungarian, is a flexible & affordable 360° (post) production house since 2005, based out of our very own factory building (fun fact: originally, before us, fiber optics were produced here) on the outskirts of Budapest.

We are serving both local & international clientele with top-notch VFX, CGI, Animation, Digital Content, Immersive Experience, Sound works, even with end-to-end Film Productions for Commercials, Feature Films, Television Programs, Games & Event Shows.

With over 50 in-house talents & our established regional freelance talent pool, we are big enough to be capable to tackle complex, large-scale challenges –– yet small enough to be able to provide the personalised attention & care that your project deserves.

The factory gives home to our fully equipped production powerhouse with a CGI department as well as a massive compositing department, with Apple workstations, a green room, a sound studio, a photo studio, a cinema hall, a Dell EMC Isilon server room, 3D printers... even sometimes our buzzing drones are flying around the premises.

We are an affordable production company, partly thanks to the Hungarian tax rebate incentive – you can save up to 30% of all local (post-)production expenses, as our country has introduced a transparent tax refund mechanism in 2003 to boost the local film industry.

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Production management app

Our operations are driven by VFXPUSSY, an own production management & ERP app.

Which has been developing in-house for years, based on the workflows & pipelines streamlined through our two decades of track history. We have just started rolling out our late beta software, making it available for other studios to subscribe.

Please contact us to learn more!
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