GYÁR Drone Reel 2024 (w/ Info Sheet)
Drone Shows
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Drone shows represent an innovative and captivating intersection of technology and entertainment, offering a mesmerizing display of lights and movement choreographed through the synchronized flight of multiple drones. This emerging technology has gained prominence in various events, celebrations, and performances, captivating audiences with its dazzling aerial displays.

They say the sky is the limit within the possibilities in computer graphics. To stretch such literal boundaries we channeled our animation experiences to this new innovative entertainment technology which offers a mesmerizing display of lights performed by choreography of 500-1000 small drones.

This emerging aerial performance has gained a lot of popularity in various events, celebrations, due to its unique customization possibilities, environment friendliness and monumental dimensions in the skies.

We have developed our proprietary methods to convert traditional virtual computer animation to a physical representation of choreographed geometries, characters, objects, logos… you name it - in real 3D space above us! 

Based on a short brief, we can provide: storyboard, previsualization, organize airspace clearance, and launch the drones too. 

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